About Town Deal

The Government announced that Clay Cross would receive £24.1m of funding to deliver a number of projects contained in the Clay Cross Town Investment Plan. In Clay Cross this means;

  • increasing the skills and productivity of our workforce
  • improving access to a range of high quality jobs and training opportunities
  • improving the environmental quality of the town and town centre

These plans will ensure that Clay Cross is a thriving place to live and work.

The Clay Cross Town Investment Plan (.pdf | 14mb) is focussed around three main areas:

  1. Urban Regeneration – ensuring Clay Cross and town centre is a thriving place for people to live and work;
  2. Skills and Infrastructure – supporting investment and the development of small business, creating opportunities for skills and training;
  3. Connectivity – improving local transport links and improved digital connectivity.

Following a period of extensive consultation with residents and businesses of Clay Cross, five exciting projects were drawn up to use these vital funds.