Upcoming town square is officially designated Baileys Square

Historic County Series Derbyshire E1 map, 1898, featuring Bailey's Square

The Clay Cross Town Board are delighted to officially launch the new town square naming to be Baileys Square which is set to be part of a newly redeveloped area in the town which will have a vibrant day and night time economy for residents and businesses.

The new name is based on an old map of Clay Cross, featuring ‘Bailey’s Square’ in the same location as the new development, brought by the Town Centre Regeneration project.

The square will feature an open space, well-suited for future activities and markets.

Baileys Square will be a wonderful place to meet with family and friends, hosting a unique selection of places to wine and dine, a place for families to take part in experiences and crafts; and enjoy vibrant events.

The Clay Cross Town Deal project will really enhance Clay Cross’ evening economy with a wider food and leisure offer thanks to the flexible business units coming as part of Baileys Square.

Chair of the Clay Cross Town Board, Lee Barnes, says, “I am extremely eager to unveil Baileys Square to the public. It will be a place to host some amazing events, make some fantastic memories for those attending and will become a household name to residents and visitors of Clay Cross, as a substantial leisure space at the heart of Clay Cross.”

Cabinet Member for the Clay Cross Town Deal at North East Derbyshire District Council, Cllr Jayne Barry said, “Local history is being made and Clay Cross is entering it’s next era as the efforts of the Town Deal are becoming tangible, between the imminent arrivals of Clay Cross Active and Baileys Square.”

“Clay Cross is a town with a lot of heart, and that heart is being revitalised with a new social space at its core, becoming a destination for bringing the community together.”

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