What do Riber Products have to say about the Low Carbon Challenge Fund?

Becky Hunter, Director of Riber Products Ltd. – a family-owned business on Bridge Street, spoke to us about their experience with the Town Deal’s Low Carbon Challenge Fund.

Hunter applied for grant funding to put towards the purchase and installation of solar panels.

How did you find the application process?

“It’s just a form that you fill out,” Hunter said, “You have to get a couple of quotes from different suppliers, which you would do anyway because you’d always look to see who’s the best out there – and we were actually recommended a company from our neighbours [at Buddie’s Play Den] because they had also received a grant for solar panels”

“So basically, completing the form was very quick and easy to do.”

How long did the approval process take?

“It was a couple of weeks; it wasn’t long at all. The approval was extremely quick once all the documents had been submitted.”

What benefit has the funding provided since installing your solar panels?

“We run injection moulding machinery, so that’s a big energy draw from the power grid. Solar panels are a great benefit to countering some of that.”

“It purely provides financial gain by reducing our bills, and it came at a great time considering the increase in energy prices.”

Would you recommend the Low Carbon Challenge Fund grant funding to other local businesses?

“Absolutely. It’s there for the taking. It’s worth a try [to apply] at least, so why wouldn’t you?”

It's safe to say Hunter was a happy recipient of the grant; learn more about the Low Carbon Challenge Fund.